The Team

It takes a small team to bring your creations to life. Meet the team:


Joanne Rutley owns and operates Happy Neighs Tack Design since conception in May 2018. Leather work has become a hobby and she does it in her spare time, but does have a full career to pay the bills! Joanne has three quarter horses and spends her time at local western games shows with her barn family.

Leather work has become a passion and there has been a lot of investment in this business with equipment and various tools to do the work. Every project is done with love, passion and being a perfectionist helps with detail!

We ask for your patience with your projects and we promise you will love your creation when delivered!


The Bling Girl

Meet Brandi! She is our bling girl who creates and designs all the concho bling. She takes the time and utilizes her creative skills to bring plain conchos to sparkly life!

We all thank you for your help!

Lazzit logo.png

Lazzit Engraving

Jean-Sebastien owns Lazzit in Montreal and engraves all of our leather projects. He owns industrial engraving machines that helps us with volume and size. Together we work with your font choices and logo ideas to make your creations personal and like no other.

We all thank you JS for the great engraving work!