We order leather from various vendors around North America. Many leathers are imported from Brazil, Argentina, Italy and other places around the world. We try to bring in various mediums of leather so your project can stand out from the crowd. We have cow hide, lamb hide, stingray, snake skins, rabbit fur, seal fur, designer leather embossed with various patterns.

All projects start on 7/8 oz natural vegetable tan leather. This is the plain colored leather you will see before any dye is applied. The leather options below are then glued and sewed onto your project to add the life to it.


Leather BAtch 1:

These are 12”x12” leather pieces and great for any project! We are currently out of stock of the bottom left dragon pattern.


Batch 2:

These are small 4”x6” pieces and good for smaller projects. It is easiest to just advise us which choice you want via email.


Batch 3:

More 4”x6” pieces of leather for smaller projects.


Batch 4:

These are 12”x12” pieces of leather and great for any project!


Batch 5:

If ever there was GORGEOUS leather, this is it! Check out the noseband named Gabby to see how it looks! We have this is a 20”x20” piece so there is a lot to go around!


Batch 6:

Designer Pigskin leather

We have a large quantity of this leather and it looks amazing as an inlay!


Batch 7:

Full Cow Hide

It was difficult to cut into this full hide! But we have tons to go around and even two brands up for sale! The JR brand and the cat are not for sale. That is Cairo, the Supervisor (telling us he needs a coat!)



Various mediums and colors of leather. The black, red, turquoise are soft lamb skin leathers. There is a red Ostrich skin embossed leather and a gold alligator embossed leather. How about being bold and try a snake skin patterned (Cow hide) tack set?


Batch 9

More fun leather colors and some can be used as wither strap backing. I also have royal purple in this batch, which is not shown.


Batch 10

This is the eclectic batch including rabbit fur, snake skin, and stingray skin. There is very little stingray skin left but some for small projects. It is very expensive to purchase.